They said "BUYING BACK THE BLOCK BACK" wasn't possible.

They said, “there's no way to do this without displacing current residents.”

Well, “THEY” lied. O'Hara Development Partners is doing it...and so can you!

They Said "BUYING BACK THE BLOCK BACK" Wasn't Possible.

They said, “There's no way to do this without displacing current residents.”

Well, “THEY” lied. O'Hara Development Partners is doing it...and so can you!

Are you ready to learn how? Let Joanna Jane, CEO of O'Hara Development Partners, teach you the necessary steps to build WITH the community BEFORE purchasing that property or buying the block.

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The BEFORE YOU BUILD E-Book Series is designed to help aspiring and current real estate developers avoid costly mistakes, and give a comprehensive understanding of community planning.

In This Book, You Will Learn...

What You Need To Know BEFORE Buying The block
Or Property

How To Include The Voice And Needs Of The Community In Your Development Plans

Key Steps To Prevent Costly Development Mistakes

And So Much More...


Joanna Jane is known as an Economic Change Agent, and the CEO & Founder of O'Hara Development Partners. After years under the real estate arm of her father, Joanna Jane took her gifts from social work and finance to birth O'Hara Development Partners, a community development company that focuses on the heart of the people and the quality of their living. 

Hearing the needs of the community first, the O'Hara Project Development Team is transforming vacant and decayed properties to provide family friendly neighborhoods that will strengthen the quality of their living, increase home ownership, provide attractive rental opportunities, and return green spaces to functional and recreational use.


Sue-Ying Cosbert
Washington, D.C.

"After attending one of her workshops, I purchased Joanna Jane's book, Before You Build Vol. 1 - Building From the Heart of the Community. Her book provided the preparation work that should be considered prior to purchasing land, buildings or pursuing any type of real estate activity. It's both a book and a workbook all in one and it's an easy read.  

One of the most important aspects of her book was community engagement and inclusion. As I'm beginning to explore real estate development in my neighborhood, I knew that keeping the community's needs in mind was extremely important; however, I didn't know the detailed steps on how to do so.  

The book also emphasised the importance of starting with your end goal in mind and working backwards from there. Proper end goal planning can help guide your steps and bring your plan to life. From securing funding to selecting a development location and formulating your ideal team, Jonna's book has you covered. I'm ready for Vol. 2!"
Sasha Taylor, CEO
The Legacy Heritage Group

"Real 2 the Estate programs from the very beginning has been nothing short of a blessing. Joanna Jane’s classes cause a fire to be lit underneath you to get started on your goals; whether financial or real estate. As a result of participating in Real 2 the Estate Workshops, I have started my own real estate company which within a matter of a few months generated over $8,000 in revenue and counting, I'm on track to purchasing my first rental property within the next 90 days, and my level of focus has intensified like never before. I encourage anyone looking to take their goals to the next level to attend Joanna's coaching program."
Tiffany Gibson, CEO
New Nurse Academy, LLC

"Since working with Joanna Jane in 2017, she put a mirror to my face regarding my financial health, and gently forced me to take a good look at my habits. As a brand new homeowner, and a single mom, Joanna educated me on the importance of building a legacy for my daughter, and how being transparent with my self and my money mindset was the way to do it. 
In one year I paid off 7 credit cards, which equated to over $19,000 worth of debt, opened a Roth IRA to save for my future. 
And with my new mindset, and extra cash, I started my own business, New Nurse Academy, LLC., a Nursing Education Consultation business. I am leaving a legacy for my daughter and her daughters. I treat money differently, love to have dollars work for me, and am excited about saving and investing."
Tia Shanae

"Real 2 the Estate Masterclass was EVERYTHING & MORE. I'm so glad I signed up for this class. The knowledge gained & resources provided here was priceless. Each night I learned valuable information that will help me with my investment strategy. After taking this class, I feel extremely empowered to begin my journey into Real estate investing. The one recurring theme that stood out to me was "Don't be afraid to start". Each speaker laid out the blueprint( In detail from beginning to end) & gave us the tools we need to get started. Whether you're a beginner or "seasoned" investor, I highly recommend this class. You won't be disappointed!!!!! It's well worth it. "

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O'Hara Development Partners Is On A Mission To Drive Community Impact And Build By Putting The People First.

See their Baltimore development unfold by watching mini clips of their upcoming Piece of a Nation documentary. 
O’Hara Developments does not guarantee any results or income as a result of reading or purchasing this book. Before Your Build is for general educational purposes only, please seek your individual advisors before making any personal decisions. 

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